PLEASE NOTE: we are not accepting applications for individual grants at the moment. For government information on student funding, see here.

Sir Walter St. John’s Educational Charity sets aside a small amount of funding each year to support a few individual students in exceptional circumstances. Grants are awarded to cover expenditure necessary for attendance on the course, such as registration fees, travel, books or equipment. Maintenance grants are not available.


i. Further Education Students aged 16 to 24

The normal upper limits are £500 for students aged 16 to 18 and £750 for students aged 19 to 24.

ii. Further Education Students aged 16 to 24 – Lone Parents

FE students over 16 who are lone parents and in receipt of benefit may apply for a grant towards expenditure on childcare up to £1,500.

iii. Students with a disability

Trustees will consider applications from students with a disability to meet additional education/training expenditure incurred.

iv. Students Affected by Unforeseen Circumstances

Consideration is given to meeting needs arising from sudden and unforeseen changes in a student’s circumstances which would otherwise prevent them from continuing with their course.


The following conditions apply to the Charity’s grant-giving for individuals:

    • Applicants for student grants must be under 25 and must have been permanently resident in Wandsworth or Lambeth for at least six months.
    • Grants are not normally made to school pupils under 16 or to full-time students on university degree courses.
    • Grants will be awarded only to students who are following a validated, approved or recognised course.
    • Applicants must provide evidence that they have a good prospect of successfully completing the course on which they are being supported.
    • The award of a grant should have a critical effect on the grant-holder’s opportunity to study.