John O’Malley – a huge thank you!


John O’Malley, Vice Chair of SWSJ Charity has stepped down after 28 years of being a Trustee.

John, a driving force since the formation of the Charity in 1992, was formerly Chair of the Grants Committee and subsequently Chair of Trustees. As one of the Charity’s founding Trustees he has generously shared his wealth of knowledge of the education system and engagement in local politics for the benefit of our community.

John’s leadership, legal knowledge and vast experience of all things educational are embedded in the way that we work.

“We are truly grateful for John’s incredible contribution to SWSJ Charity and are pleased that John will stay connected as a friend and mentor. We value the commitment and positive energy that John has given to fulfil our mission to help young people access education.” Wendy Speck, Chair of Trustees


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